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Wide range of shapes and sizes

Our USP is being flexible in dealing with all types of products be it food or Non- Food!

Ravi Packaging lives by the decree of “Less Talk, More Work! We know how to make impossible things, possible!

Distinctive Packaging is the most important element in a consumer driven environment. It’s the packaging of a product that stands out the most. It represents the quality of the brand and how well a consumer will perceive it. Ravi Group is one of Pakistan’s leading plastic Packaging Manufacturer in the Food sector..”

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We specialize in providing high quality and durable packaging manufactured from thermoformed rigid plastic, injection molded plastics and Custom packaging materials.

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We just don’t provide you the services, we make sure your brand Stands out!


Industry Expertise

Good things come in our packages!

The team of experts at Ravi can transform any idea to fruition to create the best products out there. Innovation is not just a skill, it’s the motivation to be the pioneer of modernization and design.
Our following range of Products are produced with PP, PT, HIPS and PETE

  • Sustainable
  • Microwave Safe
  • Hinged Containers
  • Two – Piece
  • Clear Packaging
  • Plates, Platters and Bowl
  • Cups & Cutlery
  • Trays
  • Branding

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We take great pride in everything that we do, control over customization allows us to ensure our customers receive the best quality of products.